Plastic-free Yoga mat

45 GBP

Finally! An environmentally friendly, biodegradable yoga mat with excellent grip!           

Size: 63x183cm, 4mm thick
Weight: ca 2,1kg

The EcoYoga Natural Rubber & Jute EcoYoga Mat has a pure rubber underside to grip the floor and fabric/rubber mix on top. The fabric gives a highly durable, tactile and pleasantly natural surface to work on and the rubber gives superb grip.
A mat ideal for all Yogis and Yoginis as the Jute mat combines a cloth surface and sticky mat in one.

The hessian/jute fabric is specially selected for the ecoYoga mat. The process of application we use allows for the full characteristic nature of this jute material to be expressed; encased in our unique 100% natural rubber blend (contains latex). Excellent for any style of yoga practice.

Made in the UK