OGNX Yoga Leggings Leo/Grey

40 GBP

Yoga leggings with Leopard print. Organic Lifestyle enhancer!

Ognx was one of the brands that were recommended to me via social media as I was searching for eco-consious yoga pants.
These most definitely fit the bill with their 92% organic cotton! (the remaining 8% being Elastane which I suppose is needed for the stretchiness ...).

I couldn't believe it's so hard to find yoga pants made (at least partly) out of natural and eco-friendly materials, but here they are!

I only ordered a small batch to start with as I felt like I needed to test them first before ordering more and these have actually accompanied me during my Yoga Teacher Training and got most compliments of all the leggings I had with me :)

I only have size Large left (which translates to a size 40/42 but in my humble opinion feels more like a 40).
Maybe it's your lucky day?

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